Duchenne originates from French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, who determined that smiles resulting from true happiness not only utilise the muscles of the mouth, but also those of the eyes. We at Duchenne specialise in all dentures including full and partial dental implants. Once fitted with a Duchenne partial or full denture you’ll be able to:

box-icon1Smile with Confidence
box-icon2Dine Out with Friends
box-icon3Eat all the Foods you enjoy


Joan’s Story

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"My teeth had always bothered me and I lacked a lot of confidence, always trying to hide my mouth. After Duchenne helped me to fix this problem with a denture, I felt confident once again!"
Markus Brown
"I was always nervous going out due to my teeth, but after a denture from Duchenne, I got all my confidence back!"
Jane Statam

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