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New teeth, new job, new life!

Posted January 26, 2020

There is nothing more satisfying to us than having the opportunity to restore someone’s smile, and their confidence – regardless of how old they are. So we’re really excited to bring you Stevie Norris’ story.

I’m only in my twenties but I’ve never really had the best teeth and a lot of them were broken. So my dentist decided in July that I needed to get them all taken out, then recommended I go and see Tristan from Duchenne about replacement dentures.

I was told I needed to wait three months for my gums to heal before I could get my new dentures fitted. Not only was this the longest three months of my life, but I also had an important deadline looming – my sister was getting married in November and I was to be her chief bridesmaid!

Tristan understood my need for urgency and put a plan in place which helped speed up the process and ensure I was all ready for the big day.

If I hadn’t gone to Duchenne I wouldn’t have had my lovely new teeth in time for my sisters wedding, I’m sure of that. And if it wasn’t for Duchenne I wouldn’t be smiling as much as I do now!

I must admit I hadn’t realised just how much of a difference having new teeth would make to my life.

Now I am able to eat things I couldn’t even eat when I had my original teeth.

I was unemployed and didn’t have the confidence to go out and apply for jobs, but I’m much more confident now, and I’m back working. I never used to smile with my mouth open, now I can’t stop grinning – it just comes naturally.

My friends and family comment on how much more confident I am and how good I (and my new teeth) look. Tristan and the team at Duchenne Dental have completely changed my life!


"Thankyou to Robert Courtier for his outstanding work on my new teeth. He made the whole process so easy. My teeth are very natural looking and I'm very happy with the outcome. This was a nerve wracking decision to have teeth out but now I've got the new denture and they don't look false I'm thrilled."

Lynne Hartly

"I cannot speak highly enough of Rob and his understanding manner with listening and helping me through this process. I have wanted to do this for years and they have finally accomplished this goal is just life changing to me"

"Thoroughly recommend the work of John and Rob. Excellent service and teeth fit like a glove"


"Duchenne Technicians and staff are AMAZING people!!
I had lost so much confidence because of missing teeth, I would try and hide them as much as I could, I'd talk with my hand close to my mouth, and wouldn't smile for people or even family photos. My new dentures fit perfectly and the process was fast and efficient. Thank you so much Tristan for giving me my smile back, you've been an amazing."