What is D³ Technology?


D³ is the next generation in denture technology, researched and developed exclusively by Duchenne in conjunction with the world leaders in 3D printing.   We can now provide our patients with the most advanced treatment processes and are excited to introduce the DigiCare denture range. This is exciting for patients in New Zealand as it is the first time this treatment has been available and it will provide a more precise and comfortable fit for your dentures in a faster turnaround time.  It is the process developed by Duchenne for designing, producing, copying and replicating dentures.*

What are the Benefits of D³ Dentures?

Comfort and Convenience

Even the best technology is no use if dentures aren’t comfortable, and again digital dentures show their superiority here.  They are crafted from a much denser acrylic so they can be made thinner and therefore are less intrusive in the mouth.  Patients often say that they find them lighter than their old traditional denture. Digital dentures are usually faster to make than conventional dentures.  They are an excellent option for those who need quality dentures sooner rather than later.

Strength and Durability

Thanks to the new Duchenne technology’s unique bridging system, there is significantly less chance of dentures breaking or fracturing.   But if someone does have the misfortune to lose or break their dentures, Duchenne can now create a duplicate denture quickly and easily at a markedly lower cost than in the past. 

Precise Fit

Digital dentures offer an unparalleled accuracy in denture production, helping us create dentures that match your teeth and gums exactly, with no shrinkage.  The results are that the dentures feel more natural, comfortable and secure from the first time you wear them.  This process allows us greater variation and customisation of your smile.

Digital Back Up and Storage

If your digital dentures are damaged or lost, you don't have to worry about being without your dentures for some weeks as with conventional dentures.  We have your teeth on record and a replacement set can be made in only a couple of days.

Cost Effective

Fewer appointment can mean savings to our patients and digital storage means that you can take a spare denture with you or easily order a replacement by phone.

What are the DigiCare range of products?

DigiCare Dentures

With a lot of hard work, research and development into this new technology we are proud to bring you our DigiCare denture range. These dentures are produced on a computer using both 3D scanning technologies and impression techniques. Custom teeth can be chosen and adapted to your unique smile, that is, in shape, colour and size. Trial dentures are then created to test the functional bite and aesthetics of your new denture. Once you are happy, we then have the denture milled in 3D in our state of the art laboratory here in New Zealand. The benefits of these digital dentures for our patients are:

DigiCare Replica Dentures

Ever wanted to have a spare denture set? Ever wanted to have an exact copy of the smile you love? DigiCare Replica dentures are a cost-effective way to have a spare denture set and to alleviate the concern of loss or damage. We simply copy the dentures you have, refit them, and produce a 3D milled replica set for you to keep. Or even easier, we can keep them on record for a later date when you would like new dentures. Again, with the use of D³ technology the benefits remain.


This is a digital storage platform developed by Duchenne. When you love your smile, you would most likely want to have a permanent record. With Duchenne's exclusive :Digistore treatment, we will digitally scan, copy and save your existing dentures into a digital format.  If anything were to happen to your dentures, either loss or damage, we would be able to restore your same smile back with 48 hours. That is the Duchenne promise. What’s more, this service is available to anyone, regardless of whether the dentures were from Duchenne or another denture practitioner.


*Please note that at this stage this form of treatment only pertains to full arch dentures. Partial dentures are still in the developmental process.

"Thankyou to Robert Courtier for his outstanding work on my new teeth. He made the whole process so easy. My teeth are very natural looking and I'm very happy with the outcome. This was a nerve wracking decision to have teeth out but now I've got the new denture and they don't look false I'm thrilled."

Lynne Hartly

"I cannot speak highly enough of Rob and his understanding manner with listening and helping me through this process. I have wanted to do this for years and they have finally accomplished this goal is just life changing to me"

"Thoroughly recommend the work of John and Rob. Excellent service and teeth fit like a glove"


"Duchenne Technicians and staff are AMAZING people!!
I had lost so much confidence because of missing teeth, I would try and hide them as much as I could, I'd talk with my hand close to my mouth, and wouldn't smile for people or even family photos. My new dentures fit perfectly and the process was fast and efficient. Thank you so much Tristan for giving me my smile back, you've been an amazing."