About Duchenne Dental

Duchenne Dental Services is a Canterbury owned company and has been operating since 1983, with 12 practices throughout the South Island.

We are the South Island’s leading Denture company specialising in complete denture services.

Formerly known as JB’s Dental, the company was first established by John Batchelor in 1983. Since then our team has been providing a wealth of knowledge and delivering a large range of treatment options . These range from precision crafted dentures, the Duchenne Implant denture system, many types of partial dentures and of course, fitted mouthguards.

Now, with twelve clinics throughout the South Island and a state-of-the-art laboratory (the only one of its kind in New Zealand,) we stay at the forefront of patient-orientated care and treatment.As a result we are able to consistently deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment solutions.

Our clients receive the highest level of care and we consistently produce the most functional and natural aesthetic results that best suit individual needs. This allows patients the confidence to get on livingĀ  life to the fullest, with a confident smile.

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