Partial Dentures

These can be for either upper or lower teeth and can be designed to replace as many teeth as your circumstances require. There are differing partial dentures to suit different situations. A partial denture is usually very retentive and a very successful appliance to wear when missing one or several teeth.

Full Dentures

Thanks to our unique state-of-the-art laboratory and innovative techniques, we can provide the most comfortable and cost-effective full dentures that are uniquely suited to you. We have several denture ranges tailored to suit patients on different budgets and needs. For all our full denture ranges, we use the latest techniques from around the world and source the best material for the crafting of dentures.

Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is fitted straight after your teeth have been extracted by an oral surgeon or dentist. This is often a patients first denture and it can very scary to decide on and undertake this treatment. Duchenne pride themselves on providing comprehensive treatment and care during this process.

You are welcome to call us anytime so we can talk through which is the best denture solution for you.

Denture Relines

Are your dentures ill-fitting? Do you find they are not stable in your mouth? This can be a result of many contributing factors. One, of course, would be denture fit. It is important to have good fitting dentures as to not traumatise the teeth and tissue to which they sit against. A good stable denture will also help you function and eat better. This process is done as quickly as one day so as to inconvenience you as little as possible.

Denture Repairs

We can repair all types of dentures, regardless of whether they were originally crafted by Duchenne or another provider. Our service covers all types of denture repairs 7days a week. Dentures can also be cleaned for a small fee, to have them brought back closer to their original colour and lustre.  See more about our revolutionary new digital storage service – Digistor.


Duchenne have introduced Digistor™ . – a revolutionary new denture archive service available for the first time in New Zealand.

Your full dentures will be digitised and the information stored. Then if you lose or break them you can simply call and get a replacement set. They will be available within 1-2 working days. Currently this is a temporary denture set during which a new permanent set can be made.

What’s more, this service is available to anyone, regardless of whether you’ve received your dentures from Duchenne or another denture practitioner.


Dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury in contact sport.

But a properly fitted mouthguard does so much more than just protect your teeth, gums and mouth. It also helps to prevent neck injury, concussion and broken jaws.

Our mouthguards are individually constructed to the highest standards from shock absorbing materials. They are shaped to your individual tooth structure and can incorporate any special needs such as orthodontics or erupting adult teeth.

Advanced Digital Technology

This new technology, which basically involves a evolution from handcrafted to digital designed dentures. It enables us to provide you with more effective and customisable dentures than ever before. But, just as importantly, this significantly improved process will also be very cost effective for you.