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Another NZ First for Duchenne Denture Specialists!


For the past year, John Batchelor and the team at Duchenne have been utilising a revolutionary innovation for lower dentures which is so good it often eliminates the need for implants. We sat down with John to find out more about the exciting new option of suction dentures.

Why are lower dentures so more problematic than upper ones?

Upper dentures sit on a more solid, stable part of your jaw structure, but your lower jaw is a more complex; horseshoe-like in shape.  Every time you swallow, the floor of the mouth rises and falls, which can dislodge your denture.  So when you consider that the average person swallows about 2,500 times per day, that’s a lot of movement!

So, what’s the solution?

A very clever clinician called Dr Jiro Abe, who is from Japan, developed a system which eliminates the problem by creating a seal around the entire border of the denture base using a suction mechanism.  These suction dentures can eliminate movement, reducing pain and discomfort, and minimilise food that can lodge under the dentures.  The system is called Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture – or SEMCD for short.

And what’s your involvement with the technique?

I’ve been back and forth to Japan studying under Dr Abe for the past four years. I’m now fully conversant with the technology and techniques, and we have been using it in our own clinics for the last year. Under Dr. Abe’s watchful eye I’m sitting my instructor’s exams in August, which will enable me to train and authorise others to use this technique.

Are there many other instructors in this part of the world?

There are five in Australia, spread throughout the major centres, but I’m the only one in New Zealand.

Who will benefit from SEMCD technology?

We can convert existing lower dentures into a SEMCD denture in almost every case, even those whose lower jaws are well resorbed.

We often find people who can’t get a stable lower denture will consider implants, but SEMCD can often reduce the need for these – saving our patients larger expenses.

John’s final comment was “Knowing for myself just how good SEMCD is, and how much it has benefited our own patients, I’m really looking forward to helping others get the benefits as well.”

If you would also like to benefit from John’s expertise, give Duchenne a call to arrange a friendly and Free no-obligation consultation.


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IMG_2486Duchenne recently sent two of our team – Sophia Kwon and Veronika Koceinaturaga – over to Vanuatua. They joined forces with a further team of dentists and hygienists to bring dental treatment to the remote areas of Vanuatu, in particular a small Island called Aneityum.

Here, Sophia, Veronika and the rest of the team were able to treat people with all kinds of dental issues, from sore teeth to those requiring replacements. “It is extremely primitive in these locations which made it very difficult to supply the required materials and day-to-day tools,” Sophia and Veronika reflected on their return. “The fact that there was no power or hot water made it very difficult to operate.”

However, both felt very strongly that the benefits outwayed the difficulties. “It was hugely satisfying to know we were helping alleviate people’s suffering, and even more rewarding to be able to help give them their confidence back as well.  Young women who were able to smile again told us they “will rememeber us till they die”, and you can imagine how wonderful that was for us to hear!”

Sophia and Veronika both felt that visit was a real reality check. “What we have in our country we take for granted. For those who have nothing – its a miracle.”

Here are the before and after shots of some very happy people.

IMG_1891 IMG_1892


IMG_1893 IMG_1894


IMG_1895 IMG_1896

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When those of us of a certain age were making regular visits to the ‘murder house’ to get our teeth filled, it never occurred to anyone in the dental industry that we would still have our own teeth 50+ years later.
After all, many of our own parents were sporting full or partial dentures already!

But the reality is that a surprising number of us are entering our latter years with all our own teeth, and that’s great news. But the downside is that the rate of tooth decay in people over 65 now outpaces that of schoolchildren.

Teeth are amazingly strong, but they’re not indestructible – and a lifetime of crunching gnawing and grinding, not to mention exposure to acidic foods, can take its toll.

So good oral hygiene becomes even more important as the years go by. Fortunately these days we all have access to good quality toothpastes and brushes. And if arthritis or other conditions make brushing difficult, an electric toothbrush can be an excellent option.

But often, despite our best efforts, the inevitable happens and there is a need for full or partial dentures. Again, the advances in technology have resulted in significantly improved choices, which mean that not only do dentures look more natural than in the past, they fit better too. So, as we promise at Duchenne, you can still eat, talk and smile with confidence!

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With a state-of-the-art laboratory that’s the only one of its kind in New Zealand, it’s no surprise to learn that here at Duchenne we are leading the way in advanced denture technology including a couple of major innovations never seen before in New Zealand.

These include Advanced Digital Technology and our latest initiative, Digistor – NZ’s first Digital Denture system.

 Three or four weeks can seem like an eternity when you’re waiting for lost or broken dentures to be replaced.  But with Digistor™ Digital Denture service, your dentures can be digitised and the information stored. 

Then if you lose or break them you can simply call us and get a replacement set.   You will only need one final fitting instead of several, and they will be available within 3 days.

What’s more, this service is available to anyone, regardless of whether you’ve received your dentures from Duchenne or another denture practitioner.

For more information, call us on 0800 866 8448.


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Judy_Post TEAM2You may recall Judy who had been nominated by her daughter to receive new dentures as part of a competition run by The Edge radio station. Judy didn’t win the competition but luckily for her Deb, who is one of Duchenne’s technicians, was listening to The Edge on the way in to work, and suggested that we help her out instead.


Judy came down to Christchurch for three days last year so we could make her new dentures. An Auckland dentist (who had also been listening to the programme and offered to help), did the initial extractions and also put her dentures straight in for her when she was back in Auckland.


This worked out really well for Judy but meant that none of us at Duchenne had had the opportunity to see Judy with her new dentures in person. So we were just as excited to see Judy’s new look for ourselves last week as she was to come and see us.


As often happens with new dentures after a while, Judy’s were getting a bit loose on the top so we relined them for her. “They weren’t going to do the bottom ones but Tristan decided to tweak them while I was here. Both sets really only needed minor changes as they have been marvellous ever since I first got them. But it was lovely to be able to see all the people at Duchenne who have been such a great help to me, and show them what a good job they had done.”


Judy came down just for the day and needed to be at the clinic at 8am, which meant she was up at 3.30 in the morning and didn’t get back to Auckland until 10pm at night. “The people at Duchenne looked after me so well, picking me up from the airport dropping me into town during the day and taking me back to the airport at night. They couldn’t have done more for me which, to be honest didn’t surprise me as they have been fantastic all the way through. It was a long day but worth it!”


Judy was only too happy to talk to us about the difference her new dentures have made in her life. “I can eat properly for the first time in years, but just as importantly, they’ve really changed how I feel about myself. I have had lots of comments and compliments and feel much more confident now. I don’t stand around with my hand over my mouth when out in public like I used to.


“In the past, if I had photos taken I always had them taken with my mouth closed. I’m happy to smile now!”


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Stand: DENTAURUM, Halle 10.1

The International Dental Show (IDS) opened its doors recently in Cologne, Germany with a record high for trade visitors of around 155,000 delegates from 157 countries.   This Fair is recognised as the world’s leading global trade fair for the dental industry.

Visitors experienced more innovation and a wider product range than ever before as they toured an exhibition location which covered a massive 157,000 square metres, making this the largest fair of its kind ever.

IDS also achieved new records in terms of the number of exhibitors as 2,199 companies from 59 countries presented the latest developments and trends in the Dental industry, which covered a wealth of innovations, products and services.

Here at Duchenne Dental, we believe that a visit to an International Dental Show is a must for our dentists, dental laboratory technicians and practice technicians. It enables us to keep up with the latest developments in our industry which is vital in achieving our goal of providing the best possible care for our patients.

The focus of IDS 2017 was on digital production and diagnosis methods, intelligent networking solutions for practices and laboratories, and smart services for dentists and dental technicians. There was also an emphasis on the further improvement of patient care, and therefore oral health, worldwide.

Latest developments in dental products included Handheld Dental X-Ray Machines, the latest 3D printing and scanning, and the use of more advanced milling machines and materials all aid in moving the industry forward.

It’s the Duchenne philosophy to always be at the forefront of technology in our field of expertise. Investing in digital dentistry is the way that we lead the world in denture solutions. It has been our experience that gains in technology provide patients with the best of results. Fit and accuracy of dentures proves to be the biggest benefit for our patients. Scanning is highly accurate and so eliminates the inaccuracies of fluid breakable dental materials. Not only this but with a smarter and more efficient construction process, with printers and mill, helps to speed up the process and appointment times for patients. And because scanning is a digital process, all elements can be saved and archived for later use if and when required.

Our patients are always at the forefront of our treatment processes so that the fit is comfortable, the look is natural and the smile is confident.

Give us a call or make an appointment for your no obligation treatment assessment.

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Winter is here and with it the rugby, basketball, and mouthguard season. It is important that your children have the best fitting mouthguard to help shield their teeth in an impact situation.  A fitted mouthguard will provide a cushion that gives protection when jaws are driven hard together. It’s also just as important that they feel comfortable wearing their mouthguard or they will probably find creative ways to avoid using it .  Even the best mouthguard is no help if it spends the game tucked into your child’s sock!


The website states that the law around mouthguard use was introduced because there are real benefits to wearing them. Mouthguards have been shown to reduce cuts to the lips, mouth, cheeks and tongue, protect the teeth from direct blows and help prevent jaw injuries. Mouthguards worn by players with braces may even prevent injury to another player caused by contact with their braces.


Research suggests that players who don’t wear their mouthguard are almost five times more likely to make a dental claim to ACC than those who do. According to a 2010 study around sports-related ACC claims, a quarter were dental related, with sports like rugby carrying a greater risk than some other sports (Welch 2010).


A fitted mouthguard will:-

  • allow easy speaking and won’t limit breathing
  • stay firmly in place during action (so won’t spend most of the game in the sock!)
  • provide a high degree of comfort and fit
  • be durable and easy to clean
  • be resilient, tear resistant, odourless and tasteless


The New Zealand Dental Association recommends that a good mouthguard should be of sufficient thickness in the correct areas, as well as being resilient, well retained and comfortable. They also recommend that everyone wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports. They also agree that a properly fitted, custom made mouthguard offers the best protection.


At Duchenne Dental, we feel strongly about mouthguard use too, not just because of the reasons above but also because we know only too well that tooth loss (particularly in the young) incurs a tremendous financial, emotional, and psychological cost.


So bring your children in to see us and we will make sure they have a mouthguard that protects them from potential injury and is comfortable to wear. And if they resist? Just remind them that a broken tooth is damaged for LIFE!


Information courtesy of,,



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There is nothing more satisfying to us than having the opportunity to restore someone’s smile, and their confidence – regardless of how old they are.  So we’re really excited to bring you Stevie Norris’ story.

I’m only in my twenties but I’ve never really had the best teeth and a lot of them were broken. So my dentist decided in July that I needed to get them all taken out, then recommended I go and see Tristan from Duchenne about replacement dentures.

I was told I needed to wait three months for my gums to heal before I could get my new dentures fitted. Not only was this the longest three months of my life, but I also had an important deadline looming – my sister was getting married in November and I was to be her chief bridesmaid!

Tristan understood my need for urgency and put a plan in place which helped speed up the process and ensure I was all ready for the big day.

If I hadn’t gone to Duchenne I wouldn’t have had my lovely new teeth in time for my sisters wedding, I’m sure of that. And if it wasn’t for Duchenne I wouldn’t be smiling as much as I do now!

I must admit I hadn’t realised just how much of a difference having new teeth would make to my life.

Now I am able to eat things I couldn’t even eat when I had my original teeth.

I was unemployed and didn’t have the confidence to go out and apply for jobs, but I’m much more confident now, and I’m back working. I never used to smile with my mouth open, now I can’t stop grinning – it just comes naturally.

My friends and family comment on how much more confident I am and how good I (and my new teeth) look. Tristan and the team at Duchenne Dental have completely changed my life!

Denture Relines Dentures Christchurch

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Keeping a close eye on the latest trends and technology has always been one of the keys to the success of John Batchelor’s company, Duchenne Dental. So it’s no surprise that John has been following the progress of 3D printing of dentures and dental implants since the concept first surfaced a few years ago.

“I knew it was something that would be of enormous benefit to our patients, so it was always a matter of when not if for me” he explains. “But I wanted to wait until I was confident the technology had not only become more advanced but also more economical, and therefore a good option for our patients. ”

A visit to the bi-annual International Dental Show in Cologne last year, followed by a road trip to some of the world’s leading dental and IT companies, helped John decide that both the timing and technology were right for bringing this to New Zealand.

“When I got home I formed relationships with some of the leading companies in both dental scanning technology and 3D printing in Australia and other parts of the world. Between us we now have the technology and expertise needed to ensure our clients are receiving treatment and products which are literally world class. Prior to this, a lot of work was going offshore, but these recent advances have levelled the field and made it possible to achieve the same quality right here in New Zealand.”


Unexpected client benefits

Duchenne are now 3d printing all their chrome frames and partial bases, and have also started using 3d print technology in full upper and lower dentures.

According to John, the benefits to their clients are numerous.. Not only can Duchenne Dental now provide their patients with a quicker and more economical service, but their dentures and implants are now far more accurate and personalised.

“An added bonus is that all the models are stored digitally and backed up in the cloud so we always have access if there is a loss or breakage,” continues John. “If you’re a patient on, say, the West Coast and you break a denture or tooth, we can literally just print a new one off quickly and easily. Replacements are just a phone call away. and in many cases patients don’t even need to visit the surgery!”

John and his team have already done over 300 partial dentures and both they and their patients are delighted with the result. For more information and your nearest Duchenne practice visit our contact us page.


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Would you give away $1000 to a stranger!? Recently The Edge radio station ran a competition where contestants could choose whether to keep the $1000 on offer for themselves or give it away to the other finalist they were competing against. After winning the final of the ‘Give or Take’ competition, Catherine said ‘no’ and bought surfing lessons for herself with the $1000, which meant that the other competitor, Judy, missed out on getting her teeth fixed.
We didn’t want to see Judy miss out on this opportunity so joined forces with Affordable Dental in Auckland and helped Judy get her dream afterall.
It is no exaggeration to say that the results have been life changing for Judy. Her daughter Tracey contacted us a few weeks later to say ‘Thank you for the amazing dentures you made for my mum. They look so natural and fit so well she was talking perfectly from day 1 and said they feel fantastic!’
We’re really pleased to have had this opportunity to help give this lovely lady her smile back!Judybefore-after