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Would you give away $1000 to a stranger!? Recently The Edge radio station ran a competition where contestants could choose whether to keep the $1000 on offer for themselves or give it away to the other finalist they were competing against. After winning the final of the ‘Give or Take’ competition, Catherine said ‘no’ and bought surfing lessons for herself with the $1000, which meant that the other competitor, Judy, missed out on getting her teeth fixed.
We didn’t want to see Judy miss out on this opportunity so joined forces with Affordable Dental in Auckland and helped Judy get her dream afterall.
It is no exaggeration to say that the results have been life changing for Judy. Her daughter Tracey contacted us a few weeks later to say ‘Thank you for the amazing dentures you made for my mum. They look so natural and fit so well she was talking perfectly from day 1 and said they feel fantastic!’
We’re really pleased to have had this opportunity to help give this lovely lady her smile back!Judybefore-after