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Keeping a close eye on the latest trends and technology has always been one of the keys to the success of John Batchelor’s company, Duchenne Dental. So it’s no surprise that John has been following the progress of 3D printing of dentures and dental implants since the concept first surfaced a few years ago.

“I knew it was something that would be of enormous benefit to our patients, so it was always a matter of when not if for me” he explains. “But I wanted to wait until I was confident the technology had not only become more advanced but also more economical, and therefore a good option for our patients. ”

A visit to the bi-annual International Dental Show in Cologne last year, followed by a road trip to some of the world’s leading dental and IT companies, helped John decide that both the timing and technology were right for bringing this to New Zealand.

“When I got home I formed relationships with some of the leading companies in both dental scanning technology and 3D printing in Australia and other parts of the world. Between us we now have the technology and expertise needed to ensure our clients are receiving treatment and products which are literally world class. Prior to this, a lot of work was going offshore, but these recent advances have levelled the field and made it possible to achieve the same quality right here in New Zealand.”


Unexpected client benefits

Duchenne are now 3d printing all their chrome frames and partial bases, and have also started using 3d print technology in full upper and lower dentures.

According to John, the benefits to their clients are numerous.. Not only can Duchenne Dental now provide their patients with a quicker and more economical service, but their dentures and implants are now far more accurate and personalised.

“An added bonus is that all the models are stored digitally and backed up in the cloud so we always have access if there is a loss or breakage,” continues John. “If you’re a patient on, say, the West Coast and you break a denture or tooth, we can literally just print a new one off quickly and easily. Replacements are just a phone call away. and in many cases patients don’t even need to visit the surgery!”

John and his team have already done over 300 partial dentures and both they and their patients are delighted with the result. For more information and your nearest Duchenne practice visit our contact us page.