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Robin’s Story

“For many years I have had trouble with my teeth, but the decision to remove them didn’t come lightly. Firstly, I had a partial denture for a number of years, then last year I was finally to the point when a full upper denture was required and I have now just had all my bottom teeth removed and replaced with a full lower denture.

My new set of teeth look great and everybody who knows me thinks they look fantastic and the people that don’t know me have no idea they are false teeth. They look great; I am thrilled with them and have my confidence back… Read more

Over that time I have got to know Rob Courtier and the team at Duchenne Dental very well and have found them all to be most helpful and courteous at all times and nothing seems to be a bother, and this includes the first point of call with the ladies at reception.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Duchenne Dental for any denture requirements. They do an excellent job a reasonable price and provide a superb service to their clients.”

– Robin Thompson
Queenspark, Christchurch
Aged 60 years


Lynley’s Story

“I had been unwell for a long period and had many sets of dentures in my life. The bottom of my gums were flat due to medication and as a result my dentures (which had been made elsewhere) were too big and uncomfortable. I simply hadn’t been able to wear bottom dentures for over two years.

I had two implants elsewhere but suffered from ulcers, complicated because I have Crohns Disease and a dry mouth due to medication. With a growth removed from under my tongue I had to eat baby food for two years!… Read more

I went to Duchenne in desperation. They transformed my life and I’ve never looked back. I can now eat things like meat and apples, something I haven’t been able to do for many years.

This was quite an emotional experience for me. The Duchenne team were kind and encouraging. It was obvious they really cared. Once it was completed they followed up and kept in touch, even sending a big bunch of flowers to congratulate me!”

– Lynley



“I had dentures for nearly six years prior to Duchenne. Quite simply, dentures made by others gave me ulcers and never-ending agony. I was recommended to Duchenne and, given a full range of options, went with a whole new set of dentures, with implants on the bottom.

Since I have had injection moulded dentures and implants I haven’t had one ulcer in over 3 years. It’s the only way to go. There’s no movement and nothing you cannot eat. It feels like you’ve got your normal teeth…. Read more

Duchenne make you feel like a celebrity with their service. The whole team bends over backwards and their follow up care was exceptional. In all my years of business I’ve never struck any group quite like them.”

– Malcolm

Joyce’s Story

“I needed work on new dentures and a friend recommended Duchenne. Due to poor gum health I could only have one implant rather than the preferred two. While I’ve had dentures for years these are the best ever. They fit better, look better and feel completely natural.

Duchenne couldn’t get better or nicer people and I received such excellent care from them. They even popped by to check in on me at home… Read more

The results are excellent as I can eat anything now – I can even bite into an apple.”

– Joyce


Murie’s Story

“I suffered from shrinking bottom gums and tried a whole lot of different procedures. None of them worked.

After visiting Duchenne I first tried injected moulded dentures without screws before gong on to have an implants. The result was just wonderful. I had previously been in agony but am now pain-free…. Read more

Since having the implants I’ve improved in both general health and confidence. Because the old dentures had movement I previously couldn’t eat off a menu. There was nothing more wearying than the constant pain.

Now, having had dentures since my late 30s, I can say these are absolutely the best. They fit beautifully and my friends and family are so pleased for me. I owe Duchenne a lot – they went out of their way for me.”

– Murie