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IMG_2486Duchenne recently sent two of our team – Sophia Kwon and Veronika Koceinaturaga – over to Vanuatua. They joined forces with a further team of dentists and hygienists to bring dental treatment to the remote areas of Vanuatu, in particular a small Island called Aneityum.

Here, Sophia, Veronika and the rest of the team were able to treat people with all kinds of dental issues, from sore teeth to those requiring replacements. “It is extremely primitive in these locations which made it very difficult to supply the required materials and day-to-day tools,” Sophia and Veronika reflected on their return. “The fact that there was no power or hot water made it very difficult to operate.”

However, both felt very strongly that the benefits outwayed the difficulties. “It was hugely satisfying to know we were helping alleviate people’s suffering, and even more rewarding to be able to help give them their confidence back as well.  Young women who were able to smile again told us they “will rememeber us till they die”, and you can imagine how wonderful that was for us to hear!”

Sophia and Veronika both felt that visit was a real reality check. “What we have in our country we take for granted. For those who have nothing – its a miracle.”

Here are the before and after shots of some very happy people.

IMG_1891 IMG_1892


IMG_1893 IMG_1894


IMG_1895 IMG_1896