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Suction Dentures Reduce the Need for Implants

Posted February 27, 2020

Another NZ First for Duchenne Denture Specialists!

For the past year, John Batchelor and the team at Duchenne have been utilising a revolutionary innovation for lower dentures which is so good it often eliminates the need for implants. We sat down with John to find out more about the exciting new option of suction dentures.

Why are lower dentures so more problematic than upper ones?

Upper dentures sit on a more solid, stable part of your jaw structure, but your lower jaw is a more complex; horseshoe-like in shape.  Every time you swallow, the floor of the mouth rises and falls, which can dislodge your denture.  So when you consider that the average person swallows about 2,500 times per day, that’s a lot of movement!

So, what’s the solution?

A very clever clinician called Dr Jiro Abe, who is from Japan, developed a system which eliminates the problem by creating a seal around the entire border of the denture base using a suction denture mechanism.  This can eliminate movement, reducing pain and discomfort, and minimise food that can lodge under the dentures.  The system is called Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture – or SEMCD for short.

And what’s your involvement with the technique?

I’ve been back and forth to Japan studying under Dr Abe for the past four years. I’m now fully conversant with the technology and techniques of suction dentures, and we have been using it in our own clinics for the last year. Under Dr. Abe’s watchful eye I’m sitting my instructor’s exams in August, which will enable me to train and authorise others to use this technique.

Are there many other instructors in this part of the world?

There are five in Australia, spread throughout the major centres, but I’m the only one in New Zealand.

Who will benefit from SEMCD technology?

We can convert existing lower dentures into a SEMCD denture in almost every case, even those whose lower jaws are well resorbed.

We often find people who can’t get a stable lower denture will consider implants, but SEMCD can often reduce the need for these – saving our patients larger expenses.

John’s final comment was “Knowing for myself just how good SEMCD is, and how much it has benefited our own patients, I’m really looking forward to helping others get the benefits as well.”

If you would also like to benefit from John’s expertise, give Duchenne a call to arrange a friendly and free no-obligation consultation.


"Kia Ora Tristan. Thank you! My experience with you and the Duchenne team has been exceptional. As a first timer with full top/bottom dentures, your exceptional people skills, informative pre and post care guidance and delivery really made my experience all the more reassuring, comfortable and enjoyable. Total professionalism and brilliance of finished denture product. And my dentures? OMG! STUNNING! I've got my massive smile back again - woo hoo. Front and Back of house team - Thank you also."


"I would like to say a very big thank you to Tristan for the truly expert job that he did by making my partial denture. He is truly a professional, has great empathy and listens to your concerns. Above all else is an artist in his work and I would recommend him 100% to any future clients."

Peter. Rolleston

"Duchenne Technicians and staff are AMAZING people!!
I had lost so much confidence because of missing teeth, I would try and hide them as much as I could, I'd talk with my hand close to my mouth, and wouldn't smile for people or even family photos. My new dentures fit perfectly and the process was fast and efficient. Thank you so much Tristan for giving me my smile back, you've been an amazing."


"I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to Tristan at Springfield Road for my teeth, they are amazing! And I have noticed all the detail put into them and I feel amazing. Thank you for giving that back to me you are an artist. 😉🙏"

Misty M. Christchurch

"I cannot speak highly enough of Rob and his understanding manner with listening and helping me through this process. I have wanted to do this for years and they have finally accomplished this goal is just life changing to me"

Jean S.

"John & Nic from their Invercargill Clinic are absolutely awesome !!! Left with the biggest smile I’ve had in years today. Best decision I made to get my partial with this team.
Very friendly & very informative. The process from consultation to my final appointment was a breeze !! Thank you so much John & Nic extremely grateful for you giving me my smile back again.
I definitely recommend this team from Duchenne Dentures to everyone !!!!"

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Lynne Hartly

"Thoroughly recommend the work of John and Rob. Excellent service and teeth fit like a glove"