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When those of us of a certain age were making regular visits to the ‘murder house’ to get our teeth filled, it never occurred to anyone in the dental industry that we would still have our own teeth 50+ years later.
After all, many of our own parents were sporting full or partial dentures already!

But the reality is that a surprising number of us are entering our latter years with all our own teeth, and that’s great news. But the downside is that the rate of tooth decay in people over 65 now outpaces that of schoolchildren.

Teeth are amazingly strong, but they’re not indestructible – and a lifetime of crunching gnawing and grinding, not to mention exposure to acidic foods, can take its toll.

So good oral hygiene becomes even more important as the years go by. Fortunately these days we all have access to good quality toothpastes and brushes. And if arthritis or other conditions make brushing difficult, an electric toothbrush can be an excellent option.

But often, despite our best efforts, the inevitable happens and there is a need for full or partial dentures. Again, the advances in technology have resulted in significantly improved choices, which mean that not only do dentures look more natural than in the past, they fit better too. So, as we promise at Duchenne, you can still eat, talk and smile with confidence!